ICE Health Systems FAQ

What is ICE Health Systems?

ICE is a secure cloud based Electronic Health Record system (EHR). As an EHR, ICE provides for the input and hosting of information necessary to track the administrative, financial, imaging, education, communication and treatment elements of patient information.

How do I access ICE?

ICE is a Cloud based system and easily accessed through your web browser. ICE works on virtually all operating systems and computers. Your records are very secure and readily accessible to you at anytime. The preferred browser is Chrome, which is available to all and is cost free.

Will I need to purchase ICE, additional software or computers?

No. For use in your VirtualU@WesternU program, ICE is included. As ICE is cloud based, you will only require a computer with access to the internet. If you already have a computer with access to the internet, you are not required to purchase additional equipment or software.

How will I learn to use ICE?

Upon registering for the Advanced Training Program, you will be provided with an internet address (url) for access as well as your unique username and password. You will be provide with both recorded tutorials as well as live webconferences for training and support in the use of ICE. ICE is an easy to use, friendly system, and all learners are provided with reliable support to insure that their experience with VirtualU@WesternU is positive and successful.

How will ICE be used in the Advanced Training Program?

Use of the cloud based EHR and communication tool is an excellent way to support online faculty supervision and mentorship in clinical work. As you work with patients to complete requirements for your course, you will enter certain information into ICE. Our faculty will then review it and provide online feedback and supervision. ICE is accessible from any internet connected device and is available 24/7. As such, we are able to provide learning and support on demand and at times that work best for learners and faculty. More information on ICE can be found at

What if I already have an EHR…

Please Note: As learners retain 100% of the revenue associated with each case, learners are expected to enter the information into their own EHR as well. Therefore, for the cases related to the Advanced Training Programs, some double entry will be required.

What information do I enter into ICE?

The areas of information generally to be included (subject to change per program) are:

  • Basic patient demographic information
  • Conditions
  • Allergies
  • Medications
  • Patient’s chief complaint
  • Patient images/radiographs
  • Charting

Information NOT generally entered into ICE for this program are:

  • Financial information
  • Scheduling

How do I communicate and receive feedback from my Advisor?

Faculty advisors will have access to ICE. They will be able to review your work and make comments, suggestions and provide any support required. Should the learner and faculty mentor decide, real-time web conferences can be arranged.

ICE also contains an internal communication system that will allow for messaging between learners and faculty, as well as assignment of tasks. In addition, this aspect of the system supports improved organization of communications and clinical activities.