Welcome to VirtualU@WesternU

The world of healthcare education is changing at a rate that will increasingly challenge the academic and practice communities’ ability to keep pace. Western University of Health Sciences is a comprehensive health sciences university that is committed to the education of healthcare providers throughout the continuum of their career.

VirtualU@WesternU provides courses for practicing healthcare providers, digital curriculum for the academic institution and the capacity to enter the world of virtual learning with confidence. You are invited to explore “The worlds best healthcare education at your fingertips”.

Virtual Learning is Real Learning

VirtualU@WesternU is a distinctive entry in the world of digital and online learning. VirtualU@WesternU recognizes that there is a challenging dichotomy in healthcare education. There is nearly universal recognition that online and digital learning technology will revolutionize nearly all of education. At the same time, for most individuals and academic programs the question is how best to get started.

VirtualU@WesternU will offer an ever expanding array of programs that provide the individual learner with the opportunity to take a single course in an area of interest or start down the path of an in-depth continuum course that builds skills in a variety of disciplines and specialties.

The wide range of quickly expanding courses are structured using the most effective techniques in adult education and matched to the most applicable learning platform. Whether it is a simple presenter-based continuing education course or a year-long program of study with patient case-completion and on-site evaluations; VirtualU@WesternU is for you.